Why visit Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village?

If you are a fan of an open-air museum, then Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is the right place to visit. I remember my first trip here, and how excited I was to travel to Canada. The beauty of this place had blown my mind. It set you back in the 18th century; you get to see the primitive way of life and peace and quiet of this place has are a very positive effect on your mental health. It helps you remember the life before technology and gadgets.

The structure of the museum

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village has more than 35 buildings/houses which are relocated and restored. Their traditional name is Burdei, also known as sod house. Different styles are combined here, one room and two room school, several churches and blacksmith shop and grain elevator. Visitors of all ages are welcomed here, and you will see Alberta’s cultural and agricultural roots. The traditional Ukraine food will complete this experience. The location of the museum if very approachable, 25 minutes east of Edmonton, driving along the Highway 16, just on the east side of Elk Island National Park.

Visit special events

This museum hosts a lot of interesting events and exhibits. Workshops are a very attractive place for gatherings; here you can hear the stories about the Ukraine cultural heritage and their pioneers who have come to this part of the world. If you have never visited this place before and you are a fan of history, this is a perfect opportunity to find about Ukraine culture and their settling in Alberta. During the spring, many events take place here, like the exhibit “Where we came from,” it celebrates the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, emphasizing the stories of Albertian families.

Visit special events

Visiting hours and fees

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village is open from May 20 to September 4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. very days. Considering the prices, the costs aren’t that high, the price of the ticket is $15, but you get to have some discounts regarding the age and number of people, of you can get an annual pass, which is $50.