5 More Things To Pack In Your Carry-On Bag

Nearly packed your carry-on bag but feel like you have forgotten something?

Remembering what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on bag becomes second nature to you as you travel more and more.

Some countries might have more stricter policies than others. But having your essentials will put your mind at was as you embark on your journey.

My other article on 6 Things To Pack In Your Carry-On Bag got you started with some bag styles and some basics to throw into the bag.

Below are a further five things that you can pack to make sure you have all you need at your disposal, no matter what length the flight is.

  1. Makeup!

Limited space in your carry-on bag and liquid limitations make it hard to bring makeup on your flight.

  • Some mascara will work wonders and help you brighten up those eyes after a long flight.
  • A good under eye concealer should be for hydrating shouldn’t crease. This is perfect for covering up any dark circles and nourishes the
  1. Panty liners

Traveling a lot in the one day will probably mean that you won’t have any showers. Ladies, pack enough panty liners and change them throughout your journey.

The main thing is to keep you dry and odorless and while keeping you fresh until you reach that shower!

  1. Mintor boiled sweets

It’s a good idea to avoid chewing gum on your flights. Since when you’re chewing, the swallowing of air can often give you a tummy ache.

As an alternative, go for something like a nice mint or sucky boiled sweet. Some people’s ears “pop” causing some mild discomfort and a slight deafening effect when they reach a certain altitude so having something to suck on may help this.

I’m not sure if this is just an old myth or if it actually works, I have never had my ears pop.

  1. Smell nice and sweat-free!

Ladies and gentlemen, please do us all a favour and use a deodorant! Buy a small can that you can take on the airplane and feel free to reapply it mid-flight.

  1. Keep those teeth white

Usually, it’s nice to pack your own electric toothbrush into your bag, but you can also buy small travel sized mini brushes to give you that quick freshen up brush on the go.

You can leave these in your purse or wallet no matter where I go so you will have a fresh breath and healthy white smile for those snaps!


You are set!

So five more things that you can add to your carry-on luggage. Remember to not pack any sharp objects, too many liquids or any other forbidden items.

If there are other things unique to you such as medicine or inhalers etc then obviously pack those in but these mentioned above and the few items from my other post will certainly get you ready for the best carry-on bag.