Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site – the history and heritage

This place was the home of the first Premier of Alberta, and it is rich in history and cultural heritage. Back in 1911, Alexander Cameron Rutherford together with his wife and kids moved into this beautiful mansion, near the university campus. Today, this structure is the symbol of hospitality and kindness. Through years Rutherford family hosted the gatherings in this palace and entertained friends and relatives. When you visit, this building, you will notice it’s fully restored and furnished in Edwardian style. It will set you back to some lost time, and you get to experience the traditional way of life.

Events you can visit

There are many other ways to experience Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site. Each of these events focuses on some special activity and depending on your preferences; you can choose which one to attend. Some of the most interesting ones are:

Family Day Open House – starting at February 20, from noon to 4 p.m. All visits on that day are free, and you have a unique opportunity to visit the home of the first Premier of Alberta. This tour will take you through history; you will get to know different personalities of the Rutherford family and know their interests and hobbies. Explore all parts of the house and enjoy simple treats which are made in a traditional kitchen.

Rutherford House

Founder’s Day

Each year, from 1912 to 1939, Rutherford family hosted a Founder’s Day. Alexander Rutherford and graduating students from the University of Alberta will plant a tree on campus. After that, they would return to his home to enjoy the gathering and to have lunch. On Founder’s Day, you will explore the gardens of his home, have refreshments and receive your own graduation certificate.

Hours and admission

The house is opened from May 15 to first Monday in September, from 10 a.m. to 5 p. Winter hours are from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Labour Day to May 15. Fees are really affordable; one ticket will cost you $7, you can get discounts deepening on you age, of you can but an annual pass.