6 Things To Pack In Your Carry-On Bag

Packing the little bag?

No matter where you in the world, your routine for packing the carry-on bag should nearly always be the same.

Just ensure that you have all of your essential items and whatever clothes you need to ensure comfort.

Depending on the flight or sea crossing, you might need to bring a carry-on case or bag or you maybe you’ll only require a large purse.

So whether you are booked in for a 30-min domestic flight or a 12-hour transatlantic one, below is a quick guide to help you pack for a smooth journey including some recommendations for bags to carry on with you!

  1. A backpack

If you are bringing gadgets like tablets or cameras then it might be wise to purchase a camera & laptop backpack, due to extra padding.

This will protect your gadgets and holds extra little bits like chargers or maybe a mini tripod, while still having lots of pockets and space for the rest of your essentials.

  1. A tote or gym bag

You should always pack a nylon tote, no matter what carry-on bag you use. These totes really are a dream for traveling!

Totes can fold right up to a small size to be easily stored away and they open out much larger giving you an additional travel bag if needed or you can simply use it as your main carry-on bag.

Gym style bags can often be a good option too. Just get a lightweight, durable one with good comfortable handles.

Having a cross-body strap might come in handy if you are carrying it while walking.


  1. A travel pillow

Get yourself a good quality adjustable pillow for your neck that will inflate with just a few big breaths or air.

Good ones will have a quick-release button for letting the air out, so you can adjust your comfort level or deflate quickly and put it back into storage.

  1. Some ear plugs

For long flights, you might want to get some sleep. Having a decent pair of ear plugs is a good cheap investment.

You’ll enjoy more comfort, fewer distractions and might just save yourself some sanity from a crying baby or loudly snoring man beside you!

It’s all about noise reduction, comfort and cost effectiveness! Look for the best noise reduction ones on the market that fits your budget.

  1. Snacks

You can usually bring some fruit or nuts on with you to the plane. You can also try out some healthy snack bars, most cafes or airport shops have these now. You won’t make yourself too full, while also giving yourself some good energy, with delicious natural ingredients.


  1. Hand sanitizer

Think of how many people are hopping on and off that same airplane that you have just been on! It’s not surprising to realize that bacteria is rampant.

You can play your part by keeping clear of any airplane bacteria build-up by not spreading them any further. Get yourself some wipes and sanitizer to keep the germs at bay!


Nearly packed

So there you go, six things to pack into your bag and some good recommended bag types. Keep an eye on my next post for some more items to pack to give you a full carry-on back to cover any journey.