4 Tips On Washing Your Clothes While Travelling

So your clothes are dirty and you havent washed them in a week!

You may have stuffed your luggage full with clothes for all the seasons. You then realize that you don’t need half of what you packed and end up chucking out some or maybe donating them to a charity.

This will save you space, reduce luggage load and also provide some good karma in the world.

So you might end up wearing your  each of your clothes for a day longer. With that in mind, you might find it challenging, keeping it all clean but there are a few ways to manage for little to no cost. It is easier than you might think to keep everything clean.

Below are a few pointers that I use which work well, maybe you could use them too:

  1. Sink-wash

This is basic and simple but effective. Block the drain of the sink, add in some shampoo or soap, add in the hot but not boiling water and wash your stuff by hand.

All you need is some elbow grease and some free soap from a dispenser! Probably one of the more popular ways for travellers to wash their clothing and it costs very little.

If you find that the sink drain is leaking or even missing, then use a rolled up sock or a dish cloth, stuffing it in, blocking the drain hole.

Wrap up the sock/cloth in a grocery bag to improve your man-made plug’s effectiveness! When you’re done, just rinse off all of your clothes and unplug the sink.

  1. Cha-ching! Coin-operated machines

A lot of places will have coin operated machines in communal areas. However, you will typically find these in cities, larger towns or touristy holiday resorts.

Hostels, guesthouses and hotels may have some washing/drying machines, ask at your reception.

So you place your clothes in the drum, input the time and/or temperature, add in some washing detergent and insert your coins to start your wash.

Tip: Laundromats are great places for meeting people, where you can have a quick chat as you wait for your fresh clothes.

  1. The laundry lady

Though not always the case, there may be laundry services available for a small fee. Simply arrange with the laundry person to do your laundry for you and you won’t be left having to do it yourself!

  1. Last but not least, drying your clothes

Finding a quick, efficient way of drying your newly washed clothes is essential!  Some climates will be better for outdoor drying.

So it the sun is out, and your accommodation has a clothesline outside, drying your clothes out there will only take a few hours.

What about in bad weather?

If there’s bad weather or if you’re in a hurry to the airport you’ll be forced to dry clothes indoors. Here’s a neat way to speed up your drying:

Using a dry towel, stretch it out over your bed, putting the garment over that towel.

Then by rolling it up as  tightly as possible and leaving it for a while, any excess moisture will be absorbed from the towel, seeing up your drying time!