5 Great Tips For Travel

Are you seeking some travel advice?

Maybe this is your first time to travel. Having the know-how to best manage your trip will help you to really enjoy the experiences you encounter along the way.

From experience, I have drawn up some tips to help you out. Below are five great tips to get you started.

  1. Be a sun riser

There’s nothing more beautiful to watch than the sunrise in the early morning. Having the best sights and locations all to yourself is special.

If you are into your photography, getting some photos at sunrise will be great due to the sun’s light at this hour.

Places more known to be dangerous are also less so in the morning time. Free from any distractions, being at one with yourself as the sun rises is a lovely way to appreciate life.

  1. Humility

In many years time, you’ll remember the times along your journey when you looked or felt like a fool.

When you’re in a new city with a new language and way of life, it is very normal to feel slightly vulnerable or stupid for not knowing how to do or say something.

Don’t be too embarrassed, just have some humility, laughing at yourself and smile. Don’t fear failure and remember to appreciate other culture’s customs.

  1. Cash stash!

Cash is king. For an emergency, having some extra cash stashed away in a few places is a good way to cover yourself.

A couple hundred pounds or dollars or whatever is worth having stashed. This way, if you ever lose your purse or if your credit cards cease to function, you will be covered with your stash! ATMs run out of cash occasionally too.

Your extra cash can be stored away in secret, in your shoes, in a rolled up sock, in your toiletries bag, or maybe in a small hidden compartment of your main luggage bag.

  1. Meet the locals

You should try to make an effort to avoid other travelers for long periods of time and start conversations with local people instead.

Basic English is spoken in a lot of countries or you could even learn some basic sentences in their language. So don’t panic. It’s much easier to communicate with others than you might have imagined, use your body language and gestures.

You will no doubt learns something new and the local people you encounter will surely enhance your travels more than a  lot of travelers will.

  1. Have patience!

If you are one to worry about every little thing, then don’t! Whatever life throws at you, it’s a waste of energy to be annoyed and angered at most things for any longer than a few seconds.

What if you miss your flight? Not to worry, stay a little longer and see is your ticket covered, maybe you can rebook for free or at little cost.

God forbid if the internet goes down for a while! This is great! It’s good to take time out from technology and social media to engage in a  meaningful conversation with someone instead. Have patience.

Take it in your stride

No matter what happens, you’ll work it out as it happens. Your journey might pivot to a different route but that’s life.