My favorite road trip memories

A lot of things have happened in the last ten years since I decided to embrace this lifestyle. Some of them were sad, some of the exciting and some made run for my life. But, when I sum everything up, I wouldn’t change a thing. The memories make our life and help us remember why we actually lived. I am going to tell you some of my favorite ones and try to describe in a few words why this type of life is worth living.

Road Trip


On my way to India, I have rented a motorbike, yes, I can ride a bike, at that time I thought it would be much easier to explore the places. But, something was wrong with it from the start. After it broke down for the 100th time, on a very crowded street, I had to pull over, filing frustrated and upset. Cars and pedestrians were passing by, I thought everyone would be honking and yelling at me, but almost each car stopped, and people rushed to help me out. Finally, some man took me to a mechanic shop, while I waited, people were smiling at me, shaking hands and saying hello. Their cheerful spirit managed to repair something more than one broken bike.



While staying in Mongolia, back in 2011, I’ve rented an old Russian van to take me from Ulan Bator. Along the way, Ive noticed an unusual set of rocks sitting on huge wasteland, at that moment I thought it was a good place to “visit the facilities.” After I’ve done the deed, a strange man appeared in front of my van, telling me in a very bad English those stones are sacred and they have a special meaning to Mongolian culture.  He started talking about karma and bad luck; I personally don’t believe in such things. But on my way to next destination, I got a very unpleasant chance to experience the meaning of his word. I got lost, my van broke down two times, and someone stole some of my possessions while I was shopping.


A few years ago we ventured over to Kenya in East Africa. We bought a dusty old 1984 Gazette and enjoyed a month of adrenaline-fueled travel. We stopped in a cool little place called Guest house Naivasha.